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Dolphin Plaza is a brand new uniquely designed condominium consisted of 04 towers. Dolphin Plaza is located on the central of Western side of Hanoi, next to the main road linking to Noi Bai nternational Airport and Thang Long Industrial Park. As a serviced apartment for expatriates of Japanese companies operating in Hanoi, Dolphin Plaza brings you the relaxation away from your workplace with excellentandscape, along with a spacious environment for your family.
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Outdoor pool

- Gym & Spa


Commercial service area

Outdoor play Skygarden

Additional Services : 

    + 2 levels of smart underground parking

    + 24 hour security and in-house CCTV security system

    + 3 high-speed lifts per tower 

    + 24 hour service concierge

    + Telephone, internet, Television


Dolphin Plaza is a luxurious condominium complex with modern architecture and nature friendly oriented. 

With four 28 floor towers, Dolphin Plaza has:

  • 377 apartments and 8 Penthouses.

  • Apartment area: 130m2-198m2, situated from 4th -27th floor

  • Penthouse area: 600m2, situated from 27th-28th floor.

Apartments of Dolphin Plaza are endowed with the following prominent features:

  •  Room area (such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc) is large and spaceful. Specifically, living room is about 5m wide, and even 5.6m wide in some rooms

  • Bedroom: Other than small bedrooms, each apartment has a master bedroom (from 22 - 30m2) with double bath tub room and remote contral curtain system, etc... ;

  • Each apartment's corridor is a private and airy space with large open area and natural light, separated from the next apartment and extremely safe for family life, especially for children.

  • Natural light in every room, from living room to bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

  • The kitchen is always naturally illuminated and ventilated, minimizing the lingering smell of food, etc.

  • Each room in the apartment is opened to a particular balcony. The living room is next to a 2m-wide balcony; the bedroom connects to another 1m-wide balcony.

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Số tầng 28
Security Safe 24/24
Full furniture
Thang máy
Hồ bơi
Bãi đỗ xe ô tô
Phòng tập
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Địa điểm: 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Giá: Liên hệ với chúng tôi

Liên hệ tới

Tiếng Nhật

0919 645 845

Tiếng Anh

0989 885 229

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