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Basic & Price information
DMC Lake View building splendid 18 stories, you will not only enjoy an ideal working and living space but also perfect international standard service of the most luxurious building: the modern office and high standard apartment.

  The building is designed in accordance with European Standard.

          Ventilation System:

The centralized ventilation system employed VRV modern technology, designed specific and suitable for each office and flat, for the density 8m2/person. The ventilation system is calculated meticulously to utilize the ventilate ability as well as highly economical - so as so to maximize effects and minimize the electricity expenses.

          Elevator system:

There are three high-speed elevators, 02m/s, which include two 800kg Mitsubishi elevators with the capacity of 15-20 people (twin door), and one 1050kg elevator (able to handle stretcher) to satisfy the demand for fast transportation and convenience of residents.


The high quality door two glass layers Eurowindow system has the absolute ability to soundproof. Fire-resistance Wall and ceiling together with modern Fire system. The soundproof and heatproof layers guarantee absolute privacy and peaceful working and living space. All toilet system is installed with American Standard products, to obtain luxury and comfort from the smallest demand.

          Electric system:

The electricity is provided from National power system. Transformer station with capacity of 1600 KVA

          Back-up power supply:

In case of the National power source is out of service, the back-up power supply (02 dynamos power supply with capacity of1500 KVA) is immediately activated to ensure safe security, and does not affect other vital needs.

          Water system:

Uses the city’s water system. The building always guarantees to provide enough water through the underground tanks system with capacity of 150 m3, and the roof tanks system with capacity of 100 m3.

          Security system:

Working in building, customer will be secured with 24/24 hours security. Beside professional and proficient security team managed by professional security company, the building is also equipped with security camera equipment, installed in every corridor, lobby, and elevators on every floor of the building.

Fire alarm, smoke detector, and fire extinguisher are installed in each individual office room.

          Parking Area:

Huge parking area with capacity of 60 cars and 400 motto bikes, is greatly appealing relate to high standard customer support service for costumers, for residents, and for white-collar employees working at the building.

          Service system:

Beside the standard service such as: managing the building by professional managing company, securities, receptions etc. DMC Lake View building also provides other services with reasonable fee as followed:

- Pick up and send off children to school and serve ladies to do shopping (from 8 am to 17 pm).

- Fax/photo

- Re-booking air/train/bus ticket service (by request)

- Currencies Exchange

- Secretary service

- Laundry service: washing, dry washing, and ironing

- Childcare service

- Car rental

- Translation service

- Potter Service

- News and magazine Delivery service

- Medical service

- Postal service

- Maintenance engineer service

- High speed Internet service.

セキュリティ Safe 24/24

場所: Kim Ma - Ba Dinh - Hanoi

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0919 645 845


0989 885 229

Apartments in building

サービスアパート - Kim Ma Street - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 100 m2 - 家賃/月: 2300 USD
Bedroom数: 2 - Bathroom数: 2
記述: Serviced apartment for rent in DMC Tower, Kim Ma Str, facing to the Ha Noi Zoo
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サービスアパート - Kim Ma Street - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 120 m2 - 家賃/月: 2500 USD
Bedroom数: 2 - Bathroom数: 2
記述: 120-sqm large serviced apartment for rent in DMC Tower, Kim Ma Str, facing to the Ha Noi Zoo

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サービスアパート - DMC Kim Ma - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 80 m2 - 家賃/月: 2400 USD
Bedroom数: 2 - Bathroom数: 2
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サービスアパート - Kim Ma Street - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 50 m2 - 家賃/月: 2000 USD
Bedroom数: 1 - Bathroom数: 1
記述: Serviced apartment in DMC building, Kim Ma street
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サービスアパート - Kim Ma Street - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 134 m2 - 家賃/月: 3000 USD
Bedroom数: 3 - Bathroom数: 2
記述: Brand new serviced apartment for rent facing to the Zoo, Ha Noi
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サービスアパート - Kim Ma - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 120 m2 - 家賃/月: 2600 USD
Bedroom数: 2 - Bathroom数: 2
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サービスアパート - Kim Ma-DMC - Ba Dinh
合計面積: 99 m2 - 家賃/月: 2400 USD
Bedroom数: 2 - Bathroom数: 2
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